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Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Tue Nov 25 17:10:11 EST 1997

On 11/9/97 1:01 AM, Kelly Taylor at ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca wrote:

>So, has anyone thought about the Year 2000 thing and how this will affect 

An amusing thought, but not really a problem.

>Will we have to start sending 4-digit checks, or is this not a problem 
>until the century is old enough that amateur radio itself is 100? (After 
>all, it is not possible for any station to have been first licensed in 
>1900, but I do remember working some stations whose checks were in the 
>10s and 20s.)

It isn't important to know exactly what year the check represents. So, in 
15 years, we won't know if a check of 12 means 1912 or 2012. The 
important thing is that the check is unique to each station.


This begs a question -- when you guest op, whose check do you use? When I 
operated from KM9P in 1995, I used Bill's check of 77, instead of mine - 
75. But I've seen others guest ops using their own check.


Perhaps it doesn't matter so long as you send the information in to the 

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