[CQ-Contest] CW contesting

Hill, Russell C. margoh at compuserve.com
Tue Nov 25 21:15:43 EST 1997

Hi gang;

I need advice about cw contesting.  I have always participated in SSB only,
and would like to get my feet wet in CW.  I have done my best to copy the
machine sent 35-40wpm code, but am totally unable.  It is apparent to me
that in order to be able to participate I need to have a code reader, or
ask everyone to PSE QRS, then QRS some more, and I am unwilling to break up
peoples rhythm to accomodate my lack of code speed and lack of gear.

I have a Yaesu 757,  a Heath Micromatic Keyer on which I can prerecord text
and crank it up to send lickety-split, and an old 286 machine with CT
installed on it.  What I don't have are the interfacing items, and really
not the knowledge of how to make them all work together, either.  I am
wondering if I should buy a dedicated code reader, and if so which one, or
would I be better off to spring for the necessary gear to make CT and my
Yaesu 757 work together?

I guess I am really asking what sort of setup have most folks found to work
well, and how can I set it up?

I solicit opinions and advice, both biased and unbiased.  Thanks in

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