[CQ-Contest] tribanders

Hill, Russell C. margoh at compuserve.com
Tue Nov 25 21:15:40 EST 1997

I want to thank N6BV, NT5C, WX0B, WG9L, W3AB, W6XR/2, W3CF, and N5NJ for
their useful responses to my query 11/18 about stacking tri and
monobanders, and ideas about the TH7DX, KT34, and Force 12 antennas.

Opinions were varied, as expected, with good comments about all the
antennas.  One recommendation was to read "An Array of Light", which was
very interesting and informative.

I decided that since I am primarily interested in single band contesting,
instead of general hamming and DXing, I should stick with monobanders.  I
have ordered a Force 12 Magnum 810,  8 elements on a 30ft boom, and hope to
have it up by the ARRL 10M contest.  Later when the budget allows, comes
the stacking.

73, and thanks

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