[CQ-Contest] SS-Which year to use???!!!

MarchandJohn jmarchand at ecrm.com
Wed Nov 26 07:59:54 EST 1997

Hi all,

Sounds like we're making things more difficult just for something to talk

>This begs a question -- when you guest op, whose check do you use? When I 
>operated from KM9P in 1995, I used Bill's check of 77, instead of mine - 
>75. But I've seen others guest ops using their own check.

1.What year to use as a Prec?  C'mon.. If your using YOUR call --YOUR YEAR!
If your using someone else's call THEIR YEAR. 

My grandson figured this out while we were reading the E-mail... (He's 8)

Lets start reading whats ON the lines instead of what we think is 
BETWEEN the lines.....

Extinguisher is charged and at the ready...

Happy Thanksgiving to all

John K1RC
35 mi NW of Boston

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