[CQ-Contest] Happy Thanksgiving/Contesting

Ric Painter wo4o at juno.com
Wed Nov 26 08:45:25 EST 1997

My mother, who lives in another state, called to say she wanted 
to visit me and her grandchildren during the Thanksgiving 
holidays, IF I wanted a guest for company and IF she wouldn't 
interfere with "the Mother of all radio contests."  Yes, she 
knows about CQ WW CW.

Anticipating my fears of entertaining her that weekend and
possibly disrupting my usual activities, she quickly said she
would value some time to herself and, therefore, planned to
read and write while I "played in the radio contest."

I asked her about when she needed to be picked up from and taken
to the airport.  Picking up was not a problem.  Her return 
schedule, however, was such that I'd be at the airport with her 
during part of an opportunity for a European Run.  

Being the conscientious mother that mine is, she asked if her
departure plans would interfere with my radio contest.  I
honestly explained that it would be a *minor* interruption
during the European Run.  She laughed.  Confused, I asked her
what was so funny.  She said, "Well I suppose the Europeans
would consider this a *major* interruption since they're the
ones experiencing the massive outbreak of diarrhea."  She
immediately asked, "What causes that, anyway?"  It took me
a while to collect myself before I could answer her with a
straight face. . .  But then, she quipped, "I've heard you
describe a European Run before so I know your definition--
just thought I'd give you an idea of what the ignorant may
think about it."  Wow, the joke was on me!  Yes, my mother
has a strange sense of humor, too.  See where I get mine?

European Run = A massive outbreak of diarrhea among Europeans

(No offense intended)

CU CQ WW CW  (except for part of a EU RUN)!

May this Thanksgiving Celebration be the best ever
for you and yours.

73 Ric Wo4o
wo4o at juno.com

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