[CQ-Contest] SS, more thoughts

John Clifford Wilke jw at csd.uwm.edu
Wed Nov 26 08:36:07 EST 1997

>>75. But I've seen others guest ops using their own check.
>The SS  Rules, published on page 116 of the October 1997 issue
>of QST defines CHECK as the 
>	"last two digits of year YOU were first licensed".
>Presumably, this means YOU, the OPERATOR, but as you note,
>many use the station owners check, particularly at OLD club stations!
>de Tom  N4KG

That would mean that if we had 5 ops during our multi-op
effort, we'd send 5 different checks!

"Hey!...but you sent the last station CK76!"

"Oh...we switched ops...that was him...this is me"

Try explaining THAT one on cw!  :^]


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