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frenaye at pcnet.com frenaye at pcnet.com
Wed Nov 26 17:51:37 EST 1997

When I checked logs at ARRL (about 20 years ago) the only thing we asked 
for is that someone use the same check throughout the contest.  No one was 
DQ'd or reduced in score for using the year of first license of the 
station owner, or club station, or anything else.  The preference is YOUR 
year of first license, and if multi-op, just select the one that is 
easiest to send/copy.

I suspect the policy hasn't changed.  But, anyone really wanting to know 
should send an e-mail message to contests at arrl.org and ask.  No need for 
several broadcast messages to more than a 1000 cq-contest subscribers. If 
you get an answer different than mine, please let us all know though!

			73 Tom

PS: Similarly, I don't think anyone ever DQ'd a Russian entry for saying 
they were running 200 watts in the ARRL DX Contest either (or in CQWW for 
saying zone 17 when it is really zone 16...).

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