[CQ-Contest] Contest Headphones

Bob Perring perring at texas.net
Wed Nov 26 19:18:10 EST 1997

About a year ago I replaced my Heil foam pad jobs with a new set of
what I believe might be the best phones I have ever used.

I took my boom mic off of the Heil set and affixed it to my new set
with a hot glue gun. I am very happy with what I wound up with. I liked
them so much, I bought a second set for standby service.

The headphones are Radio Shack model 33-1120TQ.
I broadcast this info becuse I just received a Rad Shack Christmas
flyer advertising these phones for sale at the price of $12.49 (half off)

These really are fine phones for extended ham radio operating and at
this nice price they might very well be a swell deal for anyone

Buy a pair. Try them. If they work for you, I'm glad to have put you on
to them.
If you don't like them, I am sure you could return them without question.


P.S. Yes W5MJ, these are the phones that we both bought last year.

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