[CQ-Contest] How I know my call was logged wrong

Doug Grant K1DG/0006008716 at MCIMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 26 23:06:18 EST 1997

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The message I am forwarding puts a new spin on what happens when a call is
logged incorrectly.

I believe that I counted the QSOs with all of these stations in the firm
belief that they copied my call wrong - most likely I was running, not S&Ping.

I do not believe that they asked me for repeats on my call, since I would
certainly have repeated it. These stations heard me CQing clearly enough to
call me, and the exchange I sent included my callsign. They had two shots at
it and blew it anyway, and apparently never asked me for a repeat.

ANd now K1DJ is mad at me, and thinks it's my fault.



Douj Jrant K1DG (that last letter is G for Germany, not J for Jermany)

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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 22:30:40 -0500 (EST)
From: K1DJ <K1DJ at aol.com>
Subject: Misdirected QSLs
To: Doug Grant <K1DG/0006008716 at mcimail.com>
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It has been a while since this has happened, but over the past few weeks, I
have received several QSL cards that I think were meant for you.  I will wait
another couple of weeks to see if more of them come in, and then will forward
all that I have to your address in NH.  In the meantime, if you are checking
your email, please fix your phonetics so that people stop mistaking DJ for

Thanks -- Richard K1DJ

PS -- The cards coming to me have all been directly mailed to my home
address.  No telling how many cards may be waiting for you under my call at
the QSL Bureau.  I work DX too rarely to make it worthwhile to keep a stock
of SASEs there (and long ago got tired of receiving mainly cards meant for
you anyway...)

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