[CQ-Contest] Re: How I know my call was logged wrong

C31LJ - Peter c31lj at correu.andorra.ad
Thu Nov 27 09:29:30 EST 1997

At 11:06 PM 11-26-97 -0500, K1DG wrote:

>ANd now K1DJ is mad at me, and thinks it's my fault.
>Douj Jrant K1DG (that last letter is G for Germany, not J for Jermany)


I have a blind spot of my own. I have caught myself logging the phonetic
England as an I. God knows how many times I have not caught myself and left
it in the log.

As I was born there, you would have thought it wouldn't happen, but it does.
Usually in the last hours of a 48 hour marathon. Consequently, I avoid the
use of England as a phonetic myself in case others do that, too.

Nothing like standard phonetics for avoiding these things. With the possible
exception of Porta-Potty, most nonstandard phonetics waste time and cause


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