[CQ-Contest] Which check in SS

MAL n7mal at ctaz.com
Thu Nov 27 08:31:58 EST 1997

What am I missing here.?. Have I been contesting the wrong way for
almost 40 years.?. I guess I mis-understood one of the objects was to
"""COPY""" an exchange. I thought it was spelled out clearly in all
the contest rules. I don't remeber seeing a modification to that
particular objective which says if you don't copy it you can look it
up in some data-base. I understand now why/how K6LL's scores are so
high, he doesn't waste any time """COPYING""" exchanges, he gets them
from a data-base. K6LL has created a new contest catagory, Single-Op,
Data-base assisted............. Dave do you know the meaning of the
word "Cheating".?.

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