[CQ-Contest] Invitation still good..VY1JA

J. Allen jallen at yecl.ca
Sat Nov 29 21:52:29 EST 1997

The nature of my work has changed.  It allows me more time at home, and as
a result, I am finally free to dedicate myself to obtaining my third dan
black belt in TaeKwon-Do.  I want my station to be active for the contests
in 1998, but will not be able to do it myself.  I am reserving only SS98CW
for myself.

As a result, the invitation is still good for dedicated contest operators
to come and use the station, especially for the following contests:
CQP98, SS98P, WW98P,WW98C, RAC98S,and IARU98.  If you want to operate you
are welcome, but I STRONGLY advise that you contact Bruce, N6NT and Ken,
K6LA for the downside first.  

I will be asking contesters whom I respect for advice on who should and
should not use the station.

J.Allen,  (A.R.S. VY1JA)
jallen at yecl.ca

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