[CQ-Contest] new contest reporting category for "visiting ops"

Van Sias wa7fab at cdsnet.net
Sat Nov 29 02:48:23 EST 1997

I am beginning to believe it is time for a new contest entry category
called "Visiting Operator Operations."   I think that the guys that want
to spend the money and time to establish a "contest station" of sorts
and then allows guest  operators to come in and run the station should
be placed in a separate category in the contests and identified
accordingly.  This would allow guys all around the country with normal
contest stations an opportunity to win a certificate occasionally when
the owner of the major contest station does not personally participate
but generously make the station available to another person.

I know plenty of operators around the country with simple contest
stations that could run circles around these guys with the big stations
if they had the ability to put up the antenna system similar to the "big
guns."  But unfortunately they never have a chance unless they take the
plunge and center their lives around spending the money and time
necessary to put up the big antenna farm.

So next year lets add a "visiting operator" category and let them have
their own area in the reports thereby giving the good, but average
contester an opportunity to win a certificate.  Any comments?

Van, K7VS (formally WA7FAB)

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