[CQ-Contest] Beacons for this weekend on 40

Jeff Singer jsinger at fastrans.net
Fri Nov 28 10:24:08 EST 1997

The Russian 40-meter single-letter beacons have been quite
 active lately. You're bound to run across some of these useful
 beacons/markers during this weekend's contest:
 Letter Sent    Location(?)    Frequency  Heard at (in W0-land)
   C           Moscow  UA3        7039.1    0700z
   F           Vladivostok UA0    7038.4    1100z
   P           Kaliningrad UA2    7038.8    0700z
   S           Archangel UA1      7039.0    0800z
   V           Tashkent  UI8      7002.0    0300(sp),1100(lp)
 Locations are mostly from SWL sources that seem reliable.
 I would appreciate your reception reports, especially in regard to
 the time you first hear them. All seem to operate only during their 
 local daytime. These beacons have been reported on other frequencies
 including (harmonics?) within the 20-meter band. 
                    Jeff K0OD  jsinger at fastrans.net

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