[CQ-Contest] Re: CW WW RTTY Complaint

Barry Kutner w2up at itw.com
Thu Oct 2 01:42:30 EDT 1997

On  1 Oct 97, John Warren <nt5c at easy.com> wrote:

>     |7040 is the RTTY DX window. Europe and Asia can't work RTTY
>     |above 7055. Hence the CQ'ing around 7040. Couple times a year
>     |we're going to be there.
> But there seem to be two RTTY windows - There's another big pile around
> 7070 to 7085. What's the deal on that? Do you work split between those two
> windows?
The Region 2 allocation is 7070-7100. The R1/R3 allocation is 
around 7025-7045 (or so). I believe JA can't go above 7030, but I may 
be wrong on that one.

The CQWW RTTY is both a DX and stateside contest. Similar to CW/SSB 
rules, DX contacts count 3 points. QSOs within one's own country, 
however, count 1 point. Hence, US/US QSOs tend to occur above 7070. 
US-DX QSOs center around 7040.

In contrast to the earlier comment by the TN station (I forget his 
call)  about RTTYers not listening first, I was firmly planted on 
7041 running Europe and K4LTA came along and started CQing on CW. 
When I didn't move (EU was louder than he was) he started sending 
"QSY" and "get off the freq" at 40-60 WPM. Yes, I copied him, 
and no, I didn't move.

Theoretically RTTY and CW share the same allocation, 7000-7100. 
During CQWW CW, CW extends over both RTTY segments, and we go 
elsewhere (or join them!) During CQWW SSB, the RTTY segments are 
overrun by non-US SSB, and we don't try to QRM or chase them away.
During the big RTTY contests, the CW ops that like 7030-7050 will 
just have to have some tolerance. Or, as we say for any contest - 
there's always the WARC bands...
73 Barry

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