[CQ-Contest] Re: CW WW RTTY Complaint

Jim Hollenback jholly at cup.hp.com
Thu Oct 2 08:52:09 EDT 1997

On Oct 1, 11:29pm, John Warren wrote:
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: CW WW RTTY Complaint
>     |7040 is the RTTY DX window. Europe and Asia can't work RTTY
>     |above 7055. Hence the CQ'ing around 7040. Couple times a year
>     |we're going to be there.
> But there seem to be two RTTY windows - There's another big pile around
> 7070 to 7085. What's the deal on that? Do you work split between those two
> windows?

No split. If your tring to work DX you move down to 7040 simplex. If your not
interested in working US/VE/etc you operate the 7070-7085 area. I suspect
a number of the operators at 7070 don't understand why they don't work
Europe and Asia. As an aside, on 80M to work JA you need to be in the
3820-3825 window, while most of the RTTY is 3080-3620.

73, Jim, WA6SDM

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