[CQ-Contest] ped414i.zip available from PED HomePage or archives

Masahiro Kitagawa jh3prr at qc.ee.es.osaka-u.ac.jp
Thu Oct 2 13:34:28 EDT 1997

The latest PED (ped414i.zip) by JE3MAS is available from
PED HomePage	http://www.qc.ee.es.osaka-u.ac.jp/radio/ped/
PED Archives	ftp://ftp.qc.ee.es.osaka-u.ac.jp/pub/radio/ped/

You can freely link to those URL's.

73 CU in the contests! de masa JH3PRR/JA3ZOH Mt.RF
The new document (ped.txt) follows:

>>>>>>>> CW Pileup  trainer   Ped.exe   Ver 4.14i  by JE3MAS <<<<<<<<
           Copyright(C) 1993-1997 by MasIII H.Kozu

   /*  This is a free software.   It can be freely distributed.  */

  | This is a pileup trainer for IBM PC and Sound Blaster users.  |
  | You can run a 9 station pileup as long as you like.           |
  | 18 stations when using Sound Blaster PRO                      |
  |                     or Pro Audio Spectrum 16!!                |
  | 1 station with beep sound for users without sound card.       |
  | New super pileup mode supported.                              |

*****  Reference *****

<<running ped>>
                Ped [-prn][-xt][-super]
                      ;-prn    Selects Printer port for connecting Paddles.
                               (Default is Joystick port on your Sound Blaster)
                      ;-xt     For PC XT users.
                      ;-super  Super pileup mode.
                              * In this mode,pileup becomes double.
                              * Some functions are disabled.
                              * Pileup S/N becomes worse.

<<MVSOUND.SYS Driver (for PAS16 users)>>
                Pro Audio Spectrum 16 users must insert a line like

                   DEVICE=C:\PROAUDIO\MVSOUND.SYS D:3 Q:7

                in your CONFIG.SYS file in order to load MVSOUND.SYS driver.

                (Refer to PAS16 user's guide for more information about
                 MVSOUND.SYS driver.)  

<<Keys equivalent to CT>> 

      HOME,CTRL-A        :Start of field
      END,CTRL-E         :End of field
      BS, CTRL-H         :Backspace
      DEL,CTRL-D         :Delete character
      CTRL-K             :Delete to end of field
      CTRL-W             :Delete field
      Right Arrow,CTRL-F :Forward character
      Left Arrow,CTRL-B  :Backward character

      Alt-F8,Alt-W       :Wipe QSO
      Alt-F9             :QRS
      Alt-F10            :QRQ
      Alt-Q              :Quit

      F1                 :Send CQ message
      F2                 :Send exchange message
      F3                 :Send confirm message
      F4                 :Send my call
      F5                 :Send his call
      F6                 :Send cl?
      F7                 :Send ?

      return,CTRL-M      :Log QSO
      Ins                :F5 and F2
      ESC                :Panic stop
      +                  :F3 and Return
      Spacebar           :Toggle call and No.(Only for CT trainer)

      shift+F1           :Set F1 message
      shift+F2           :Set F2 message
      shift+F3           :Set F3 message
      shift+F4           :Set F4 message
      shift+F6           :Set F6 message
      shift+F7           :Set F7 message

<<Keys not equivalent to CT>>

      CTRL-I               :Change input mode(insert[default]/overwrite)
      CTRL-R               :Reverse Paddle dot and dash
      Upward Arrow         :QRQ (coarse)
      Downward Arrow       :QRS (coarse)
      shift+Upward Arrow   :QRQ (fine)
      shift+Dwonward Arrow :QRS (fine)
      alt+Upward Arrow,
      shift+f9             :Tone pitch adjust
      alt+Downward Arrow,
      shift+f10            :Tone pitch adjust
      Pg Up                :Tuning dial (up)
      Pg Dn                :Tuning dial (down)

<<6Y4A Key Assignment      >>
      ";"                  :INS
      "'"                  :+
      ","                  :?
      "."                  :CQ

<<Text commands you can use>>

      QUIT           Quit and return to menu
      CORRECT        Adds hiscall to confirming message when you make
                      any correction.
      NOCORRECT      Disables CORRECT

<<How to connect Paddles or Keyer>>
  You can choose one of these.

  *Printer port                        Paddles/Keyer

      Pin 12(Paper End) -------------  Foot SW
      Pin 13(Select)    -------------  Dash/Keyer
      Pin 15(Error)     -------------  Dot
      Pin 18(Gnd)       -------------  GND

  *Joystick port                       Paddles/Keyer

      Pin 2   -----------------------  Dot
      Pin 4,5 -----------------------  GND
      Pin 7   -----------------------  Dash/Keyer
      Pin 10  -----------------------  Foot SW

<<Data file>>

 Ped has so simple data structure that you can make your own data easily.
 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
 |<---  CALL SIGN  ---->|  |<------>| 
                               +------ CONTEST NUMBER

 Extension must be '.PED'.(ex. ARRL.PED)

(CT is  real time contest logging software written by Ken Wolff, K1EA)
(Sound Blaster/Sound Blaster Pro are trademarks of CREATIVE LABS,INC.)
(Pro Audio Spectrum 16 is trademark of MEDIA VISION.)

I will not store any effort to help you with any problems you may have.
If you find any bugs, please send me a report. Thank you!

MasIII H.Kozu
c/o J.O.C.V.
P.O.Box 8202 C.S.O.
Kingston Jamaica W.I.

INTERNET:  masiii at InfoChan.COM

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