[CQ-Contest] Plaque Arrives..Not CQ's of course

Rick Davenport rickday at IDT.NET
Thu Oct 2 13:23:02 EDT 1997

I came home from work today and found a package from the ARRL on my
doorstep. Inside, a beautiful shiny new plaque from the 1997 ARRL CW
contest. A job well done to Billy Lunt and crew for always getting these
out in a timely fashion. Perhaps the ARRL should consider sponsoring a
second DX contest sometime in the fall (October/November or both) as
well as the in the spring.
        Thanks to Rich Hallman/N7TR for sponsoring the plaque again this

        I am still anxious to receive all my past due CQ plaques, I bet
will smell fresh cut when they arrive, I understand that they are made
from custom grown trees at CQ's tree farm, and the delay is in growing


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