[CQ-Contest] Mixed Pairs

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Fri Oct 3 01:38:53 EDT 1997

Hi Fellow contesters. 
 A month or so ago I blew a tube in the FL-2100B.  I finally got it 
opened up yesterday, (Wed), to check things out and found one of the 
Svetlana 572-B's had a filament to grid short.  It really sparked pretty 
when I turned the amp on.  Anyway, not wanting to wait too long for a 
replacment, I stuck in a Penta Labs tube I had here to see what would 
happen.  I turned it on and tuned it up and got 600 watts out on 20 with 
1 Svetlana tube and 1 PL tube.  Now next contest I can use the amp again. 
 So much for "mixed pairs" at extra cost I guess.  73

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