[CQ-Contest] Frequency Allocations

Bernie Skoch K5XS at compuserve.com
Fri Oct 3 01:57:44 EDT 1997

<<This brings to mind a time when I was a radio operator in the US Navy
stationed in DU land (many, many moons ago).  In that region, the US
was using any and all HF frequencies to run RTTY nets.  At least during my
watches there was no use of the designated frequencies which happened to be
in the 80m ham band (and I took some crap for that too!  Treaty?  what
treaty?)  I can only presume that in this day and age, the same procedures
are still in use, only with encrypted SSB instead of encrypted RTTY.  You
don't necessarily have to look at third world countries for source of

73,   Al     AD6E at aol.com>>


  I can speak only for the Air Force and Joint operations in the
Pacific, but I can tell you we are meticulous in our frequency
selection.  If it isn't in the allocation book, it isn't used.  And it
doesn't show up in the allocation book if it isn't an authorized
frequency from our frequency management agency.

  I suppose the navy might do things differently, but I'd be
surprised.  Let's hope things have changed there from your experience
"many moons ago."


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