[CQ-Contest] FT1000MP and RTTY (WF1B) and CT

John Devoldere ON4UN john.devoldere at innet.be
Fri Oct 3 23:29:12 EDT 1997

Hello Fellow Contesters,

A few days ago I sent out a message telling about the problems I had trying
to make my FT000MP's talk "decently" to CT and RTTY (WF1B).

I had a friend bring over a late model FT000MP and this one worked just
fine. I checked the CPU version (menu 9.6) and it was 9.30 on his
FT1000MPand 9.25 on mine. Was that the reason? I thought so. 

I called YAESU and they said they would install the new version 1.30 next

But I was still puzzled as I got some messages from guys that had their
FT1000MP's with CPU versions 1.25 working OK.

Then I got a message, from Paul, KK4HD, the author of the DX4WIN logging
program syaing " We had two customers where the FT1000MP was acting up.
Power cycling did not help. When one off them did a general CPU reset the
problem disappeared...."

So I finally took a note of all my menu settings which are different from
the default values and hit the SUB+29+ENT keys together with the power on
switch, which resets the CPU..... and.... that fixed all problems. I did
the same with my second FT1000MP and it cured the problems as well. I tried
it with both CT (9.27) and RTTY (3.1) and both seem to communicate
perfectly well with the Ft1000MP now.

This leaves us with the so far unanswered question "WHY"? Anyone has a clue?

I hope this information mayt be helpful to some that have encountered
similar problems.


John, ON4UN

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