[CQ-Contest] Offtime Planning and Sleep Deprivation

Jim Pratt n6ig at netcom.com
Fri Oct 3 17:05:59 EDT 1997

I recall reading, a number of years ago, a dissertation on when sleep 
does your body the most good.  The article said:

* sleep occurs naturally in 90 minute blocks;
* the most restful times of sleep are just before you would normally get up.

I haved tried this strategy and, for me, it works.  I plan off time to be 
just before when I would normally wake up (as close as propagation will 
allow), and take two hours off.  This leaves time for a 90 minute nap and 
perhaps a quick shower before going back to the operating position.  If I 
am REALLY tired, I will sleep for three hours.  I try and stick with the 
90 minute blocks of time.

I will see how it works this weekend during the CQP...but if 10 meters 
opens I will probably take much more time off at night.  And, my sleep 
patterns are also impacted on the activity of the W6GO roosters, geese and 
chickens and how boisterous they are at night.

73 and see you all from W6GO in Sacramento County...

Jim  N6IG

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