[CQ-Contest] Re: Sleep Deprivation

Sandy Lynch slay at netcom.com
Fri Oct 3 17:51:16 EDT 1997

> With the onset of Contest Season approaching swiftly, a young man's 
> thoughts turn to off-time strategy.

Most of us "young men" are in our 40s.
> <deleted>
> HEADLINE: "Staying Up Can Be Better Than A Nap"
> <deleted> 
> "'A college student who wants to catch two hours of sleep would be better 
> off staying awake,' said UC researcher Roger Rosa, who studied the effect 
> of sleep deprivation on 12 volunteers.
I don't know about the rest of you ... but my ability to consume
mass quantities of alcohol and go for extended periods without sleep
went away around the onset of age 30.   Now that I am a new/first
time father (at age 45), maybe I can get in shape again for those 
long sleepless contest periods.  ;-)

Cheers & 73
Sandy W7BX
slay at netcom.com

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