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An open letter from the CQWW Contest Committee

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1996 was the first year that we accepted electronically submitted (Email)
logs, and we are very pleased with the results.  We received 1224 individual
log files on SSB and about 1100 on CW!  However, 2000 logs (both modes), 
which were generated by computer, were submitted on paper only.

PLEASE send a disk or Email entry if you use a computer.  It is much easier 
for you to send us a disk or Email type submission than to send us paper.  
So PLEASE, if you use a computer to do your log, send us the FILES, not the 
paper.  E-mailing is so easy and so inexpensive, there is no reason not to 
use it.  Even if your log has less than 100 contacts, if you used contest
software of any type, send us the file electronically!  Our goal is to have
every entrant who used a computer to do their logging, send in a log file.


This year we are changing the preferred type of file which we would like 
to receive.  We greatly prefer to receive a plain text, ASCII file of your 
log.  Acceptable ASCII formats include: CT software=yourcall.ALL; TR 
software=yourcall.DAT; Other fixed-column ASCII formats are acceptable.  In
case you're not sure just what this is, it is the file that LOOKS exactly
like a printed log; it has lots of columns including one for DATE, TIME, QSO
qso takes up one line.

We require TWO files for every electronic submission:
1. A plain-text ASCII summary sheet, and
2. Your actual log of callsigns, bands, times, etc.

Be sure to NAME your files using your callsign.  The summary sheet can be 
named: YOURCALL.SUM while the log itself can be named: YOURCALL.all or 
YOURCALL.dat, etc., depending on the type of file you send.  Be sure to
actually use your callsign and not the words, "yourcall."  Eg: If your call
is XZ1A, you would name your file XZ1A.all or XZ1A.dat.  It is important to
keep the correct SUFFIX (after the "dot").  CT uses .all and TR uses .dat.
All types of ASCII files can be sent using regular Email.

If you want to Email in your binary (bin) file instead of your ASCII file,
you need to encode it first.  We will accept encoded binary files.
All popular encoding schemes are acceptable to Email your file, including
UUencode, Base64, and BinHex.  Acceptable binary formats are
NA: yourcall.QDF; CT: yourcall.bin. If this is too confusing and you have a
question, send your Email questions to:

questions at cqww.com

REMEMBER, we PREFER to receive the ASCII output files, NOT the binary files.

For ALL types of submissions, be sure to put the MODE and the station 
CALLSIGN as the SUBJECT for each entry.  When you send in your log, it 
should automatically be acknowledged by the server. If we have trouble 
reading your file, we may ask you to send a disk.

Submit your 1997 CQWW SSB log files to:       ssb at cqww.com
Submit your 1997 CQWW CW log files to:         cw at cqww.com

Submit any questions, at any time, to:  questions at cqww.com


1) We prefer ASCII files, NOT binary files.
2) Name the file using YOUR CALLSIGN!  (Eg: KR2Q.all or KR2Q.dat or KR2Q.bin)
3) Send in a SUMMARY SHEET file (yourcall.sum) along with #2 (above).
4) Use YOUR CALLSIGN and MODE (cw or ssb) for the SUBJECT (Eg.: KR2Q SSB).
5) Ssb and cw logs go to SEPARATE addresses (see above)! Do NOT send both
   cw and ssb together!
6) The E-domain [cqww.com] is for the CQWW DX contest only (Oct/Nov)...not
   the WPX, not the CQ-160, and not any ARRL contests.

You may forward any questions to me (KR2Q) at:

DougKR2Q at aol.com

Or, you may directly contact the Contest Director (K3EST) at:
K3EST at netcom.com

de Doug (KR2Q) for the CQWW Contest Committee

CQ-Contest on WWW:        http://www.contesting.com/_cq-contest/
Administrative requests:  cq-contest-REQUEST at contesting.com

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