[CQ-Contest] Offtime Planning and Sleep Deprivation

Ve3bmv at aol.com Ve3bmv at aol.com
Fri Oct 3 21:35:15 EDT 1997

Studying and contesting are two different activities. In studying you are
trying to load up memory, in contesting you turn into a subconscious machine
that operates contest.

>From 40 years experience of contesting I have found the following:

1. Half hour to two hour rest within 48 hours definitely helps, pickup
slowest time.

2. The best "energizer" for me is the garlic mixed in the food, it increases
the blood circulation and keeps me awake. In Multi OP situation recomended
that all ops have it, then "it don't smell". Coffeine doesn't work on me. I
could have a cup and hit the bed.

3. Food is important. The worst thing is coke and other softdrinks and food
containing carbohydrates (yea, Dr.Pepper too!) I drink water with lemon
juice, club soda in CW contests (burping not picked up by VOX). For food now
I stick with eggs, meat, vegies, very little carbos.

4. If you condition yourself before the contest, you could pull 48 hours
through. I was in situations when my brain did not control my mouth, they
"disengaged". Or you "don't hear" stations. Or you start making mistakes (I
would write 5 instead of B). If nobody is around, you wont even know it.

73 and GL
Yuri, K3BU, VE3BMV, P40A

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