[CQ-Contest] CW WW RTTY Complaint (40M bandplan conflicts)

Doug Smith desmith at telalink.net
Mon Oct 6 15:22:15 EDT 1997

>From: tgstewart at pepco.com
>The CQWW RTTY has always been the last full weekend of September.

Weird.  I'll be rereading the 1996 TQP rules & trying to figure out why this
didn't happen last year!

>I would suggest the TQP move their recommended frequency on 40 to 7050 and
>up, or at least below 7030 if you want to be able to work DX at the same

As suggested by someone else, this runs into the county hunters & QRPers.
Rather than move the recommended frequency, we'll move the date, probably
one weekend earlier.  (though I haven't yet checked the calendar for other

BTW..  in case anyone wonders..  I am *not* complaining about finding a
bandful of RTTYers, just wish people would remember to listen before
transmitting.  Getting a frequency by being there first is certainly
ethical.  Getting it by muscling out those who were there first is certainly
NOT ethical.

>Either way, nothing is going to change until a new band plan is worked out
at the >international conference.

If you mean international *amateur* conference, that isn't really going to
solve much either.  The status quo is probably *better* than any likely more
formal bandplan -- which might have the undesired side effect of restricting
how high in the band CW operations can go.  

If you mean the next *WRC*, fully agreed.  Only through the allocation of
additional exclusive-amateur spectrum at 40 meters can this really be solved.

73 DOug

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