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DougKR2Q at aol.com DougKR2Q at aol.com
Mon Oct 6 15:33:53 EDT 1997

Hi Contesters...

I received this PRIVATE message from N4KG, inquiring about how to
submit a coversheet for a monoband log.  I thought his question had
wide applicability, so I hope Tom doesn't mind if I answer it using
this forum.

In a message dated 97-10-04 07:18:04 EDT, K4NG wrote:

<< I see one problem with submitting electronic logs and/or discs.
 As I remember the rules, you can submit a single band entry
 but are allowed to make contacts on other bands.  The versions
 of CT I have used do not allow a single band score to be calculated
 if contacts are made on more than one band.  The only solution I 
 see to this problem is to maintain one log for the single band and
 another for the other bands.(A royal pain to fast band changes!)
 I do not know how CQ would assign club points based on the 
 all band contacts AND allow the single band entry.

Good questions Tom.  The most important thing to remember to do
indicate your entry category in the appropriate area, as designated on
the standard coversheet.  This is usually near the top of the page.
This is the ONE area which is searched to discover your class of
entry.  You should NOT put your entry class (such as MONOBAND 15) in
some obscure spot on the coversheet....and NEVER put it in the
COMMENTS section.

As for scoring, I guess that is a question for the software vendors.
In order for your summary sheet to reflect BOTH the score for the band
you claim AND the score composed of ALL the bands you operated (only
applicable if you're contributing to a club score), you can simply
EDIT the summary sheet.

There is no rule that says you must send in the summary sheet exactly
as it is produced by the software you utilize.  For example, you can
enter the MONOBAND score on the line for that band and, if you also
operated other bands that you want to count towards your club score,
you can enter THAT number in the area provided for ALL BANDS.  Feel
free to be creative in editing; you may want to change the BOLDNESS
and/or FONT SIZE for the monoband score as compared to the rest of the

Finally, if you are really WORRIED about whether or not your
electronic coversheet will be properly classified, you can always send
in a duplicate PAPER coversheet and either circle, or highlight the
fact that your entry is for the monoband class.  Be sure to also tell
us that you have made your official entry by Email or disk.

Remember, whether in PAPER or ELECTRONIC format, the category you show
at the top of the coversheet is HOW we classify your entry category.

As a last note, please also realize that all entries which are made
part of the CQWW database are RESCORED by our software.  That is why
you may see some scores go up.  We know the correct points, the
correct zones, and the correct countries.  Our country/zone file is as
up to date as is possible.  Lots of entrants cannot say the same.
[end of answer]

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Tnx again for your question Tom!

de Doug  KR2Q

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