[CQ-Contest] Low Power Results

Dan Weisenburger kw4t at erols.com
Fri Oct 10 10:27:16 EDT 1997

Hello Fellow Low Power Types.

I've been operating in the Amplifier Free arena for some time now and in
the last couple of years have jumped back into contesting as some of you
already know.

When the results of the major contests come out I see that the low power
(not QRP) group keeps growing and becoming more popular.  CQ does a
great job of listing of listing us 'po boys and girls in the Low Power
catagory and we can readily see how we fared in the 'test.

QST, on the other hand has box scores for the leaders of the High Power
group but the rest of us have to pour over the main results section
picking out all stations that were in our catagory which in my case
means scanning for "B 40" entries.  This has me a thinkin'.  Is there a
desire for us LP types to get our scores mentioned in the box scores in
QST?  Has this already been discussed on the reflector in the past?

I figure that if there's enough desire for such a listing then maybe we
could appeal to the editors to include some space for us.

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