[CQ-Contest] Low Power Results

Glenn D. O'Donnell gdo at aloft.micro.lucent.com
Fri Oct 10 11:49:06 EDT 1997

Dan Weisenburger, KW4T writes:
> Hello Fellow Low Power Types.
> I've been operating in the Amplifier Free arena for some time now and in
> ...
> means scanning for "B 40" entries.  This has me a thinkin'.  Is there a
> desire for us LP types to get our scores mentioned in the box scores in
> QST?  ...

I vote "Yes"!  I am also "sans Alpha" (for now ;-) and I'd be curious
to see how I compare.  QST does indeed do this for some contests, but
not all.

The IARU contest doesn't even have a low-power category but it would
be nice if QST published an asterisk next to the low-power entries in
IARU.  Jimmy Floyd's "Claimed Scores" show me as #2 in LP for IARU so
I'd like to see how I fared in the final results.  I don't necessarily
advocate a rules change, just some indication of my success against
similar stations.

73 de Glenn, K3PP
Proud ARRL Life Member & generally delighted with ARRL's Contest Branch!

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