Lane C. Zeitler km3g at cts.com
Sun Oct 12 00:29:27 EDT 1997

Looking for the input and output Z for the IRCI 2.1 khz filters for the
TS-830/930/940/950/850 series. All are the same filters. I am having little
luck getting the info from the new INRAD owners in Oregon.

I would like to replace the stock Kenwood 2.7 khz filters (remove) and
install these IRCI 2.1s for my TS-930S CW rig. Need to make sure the input
and output Z of the 2.1s is 
equal to the Kenwoods. 

Has anybody just replaced the filters vice add the 2.1s in conjunction with
the switch kit?? I am not overly concerned with normal day to day fidelity.
This is my CW radio anyway. However I think they would work okay on SSB.
Collins and Heath used 2.1 khz filters and they sounded great on SSB.

Comments and feedback most welcome.

Kilo Mexico Three Germany
San Diego

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