[CQ-Contest] Console 2 and DX4WIN

Gene Ingraham, N2BIM n2bim at njdxa.org
Sun Oct 12 04:55:52 EDT 1997

I recently put together a P5 computer, which I am now using at my operating
position.  I also purchased DX4WIN, to run under Windows 95.  Previously,
I used DXBase, but was reluctant to purchase the Win 95 version, what with
all the negative comments that went around on the reflectors after its release.

My old 386DX40 had a DRSI board for a TNC, and at contest time, when
I wanted to connect up to the Cluster Node (on the other side of the room)
I would do it via RF.

DX4WIN does not support the DRSI board, so now I am faced with connecting
to the Cluster node via Console 2 (or, purchasing a new TNC).  Steve at
DX4WIN told me, before I bought the program, that he knew somebody
had done this, but he didn't remember who.  He was going to search his records
to see if he could find out.  As yet, I haven't heard back from him.

Has anybody out there successfully interfaced the Console 2 output from their
PacketCluster node computer, to their station computer running DX4WIN
under Windows 95?  If so, I would appreciate any tips that you might have
regarding the setup.  Thanks much and 73,

Newton, NJ

n2bim at njdxa.org

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