[CQ-Contest] Proximity to other contest stn

Douglas L. Klein, K4LT k4lt at fuse.net
Sun Oct 12 11:41:41 EDT 1997

I used to live within 5 miles of WD8LLD (now W8AV) and think I can
comment a little.  

If the other station has a CLEAN signal, you should have little problem
outside of 5 kcs of the other station.  You will probably hear their 2nd
and possibly 3rd harmonic weakly.  On their TX frequency, you might
expect them to pin your s-meter.  Depends if you are beaming their way,
and they yours.  In each others nulls, (90 degrees off each other), the
signal should be below the average big signal on the band.

160 meters will be a problem.  Because you are chasing weak signals, and
often use preamplifiers and beverages, signal overload can be a problem.

Intermod is a very real problem.  K8MFO is about 5 miles from W8AV and
experiences hash on 160 meters whenever W8AV is on 160 meters.  

If it were me, I'd buy the place.  I can steer around the other guy. 
With today's tight filters, you may not know they are on the band unless
you tune across them.  If EU is say 45 degrees for both of you, he will
be off the back corner of your beam, and you will not be in his 3 db
beamwidth.  Stateside, the reverse will be true.  With 20db f/b ratio,
you should be pretty good.  

I have about 5 acres surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest/farm
land.  It was a find of a lifetime.  Don't let it slip away!

73, Doug K4LT  15 miles south of Cincinnati, OH

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