[CQ-Contest] Intangibles of the Winners

Randy Thompson k5zd at ultranet.com
Sun Oct 12 17:20:59 EDT 1997

This is a great question -- and one that we would all like to know the
answer to!

When I casually tune the bands during a contest I often try to think about
what makes some stations get more callers than others.  I have noticed the
leaders have certain characteristics:

1. They are loud.  No substitute for being loud when you want to attract
attention.  This is usually accompanied by a reasonably clear frequency. 
The combination results in many people leaving the VFO on you and just
listening.  After awhile, they get the urge to call in.

2. Their operating style is 'crisp' and efficient.  They sound pleasant,
fast but not rushed, and they don't ask for many repeats.

3. They are calling CQ.  This should go without saying, but you can't catch
any fish if you don't put a line in the water.

4. They often have familiar calls.  In the smaller DX contests, I often
take a few extra minutes to work calls that I know from other contests. 
Kind of like seeing old friends.    Never under estimate the value of call
sign recognition.  This includes stations for which I have received
'memorable' QSL cards.

5. They are in rare places (this may be somewhat relative).  A new DXer
will go to much greater effort to work a D44 or ZD8 than an EA7 or K5!  A
JA will pass up a K5 to work a K1.  In SS, I will always work a W7 over a
W8 or W9 just on the hope that it will be a new section!

Guess we will all have plenty of opportunity to think about this over the
next 6 weeks!

73 - Randy, K5ZD

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