[CQ-Contest] Proximity to other contest stn

Lane C. Zeitler km3g at cts.com
Mon Oct 13 23:31:07 EDT 1997

I have a main artery feed that consists of all steel towers about 120 feet
tall located about 400 yards from my QTH. I am active duty Navy, tend to
move around a bit,  and am currently renting this property, hence I wasn't
overly concerned (plus my WIFE selected this QTH while I was on a six month
cruise....HHHhhmmmmmm). My point: At times 40 meters has about a 59 noise
level all over the band. This harmonically relates to making 17 meters
useless at the same time (my favorite, noncontest environment band). 160
and 80/75 don't seem to suffer. The noise intensity does very considerably.
At times I have NO NOISE at all. This does not correspond to the wx condx.
It just comes and goes under all condx. 20 is generally quite noisey as

If I were looking to buy I would NOT buy this place I am living at. The
noise is too unpredictable.

I have not investigated those rather expensive looking single-band band
pass filters that supposedly offer somewhere around 90dB+ of attenuation
outside of the design freq range. Maybe those would help. Depends on the
type of noise.

Also just because you may not hear any noise now doesn't mean in a few
years the lines will still be "quiet".

Good luck and God Bless.

Kilo Mexico Three Germany
Very Urban San Diego 

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