[CQ-Contest] Help request about WF1B program

Claudio Veroli I4VEQ pib2822 at iperbole.bologna.it
Mon Oct 13 23:35:59 EDT 1997

I have some troubles editing QSOs with the WF1B program:

Program doesn't assign a new zone to /MM station and 
I tried to edit QSO with OK1DX/mm using Alt-E then F1 to search the QSO,the
zone showed was 34, but the country still remain OK with 2 QSO points and
no zone multipliers.

I tried to change, I assigned 3 points and YES the zone multiplier field
then I pressed F3 (Save and exit), but no changes to the score, no more
zone multiplier.

I have the same problem with 9A6D/mm and EM1HO.

What can I do to modify the .bin file and obtain a real score??

I think these station have been worked by a lot of you so probably someone
else found the same problems.  Anyone can help me out?

Thanks and 73 de Claudio I4VEQ/IQ4A 


de Claudio, I4VEQ/IQ4A 
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