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Kathleen Elliott pelliott at flash.net
Tue Oct 14 00:26:28 EDT 1997

>  When I ordered Logic 5 about 6 weeks ago I was told it would ship in a
> of weeks.  Looks like a couple of weeks is now a few.  But, the gud news
> they haven't billed my credit card yet.  So no complaint as long as they
wait on
> billing me till product is ready to go.  I suppose it is better to hold
off on
> shipping until the black flag (i.e., bug killer) has had a chance to work
> ship a product prematurely.

I also ordered at that time.  I understand the ad for the new version got
run prematurely, orders started rolling in, they tried to get the product
ready more quickly than planned to meet the demand, but decided (wisely) in
the end to keep to the original plan of thorough field testing by Beta
customers.  That's the way Dennis has done it over the years, and quality
has been good.  Since I manage a software development group for a living,
he asked me to do some of the testing.  Haven't enjoyed testing software so
much in years!  Sure beats worrying about whether my customers' bean
counters will like a new product or not.

73 - Paul N3GPU

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