[CQ-Contest] Proximity to Substation

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH ka8okh at som-uky.campus.mci.net
Tue Oct 14 01:31:01 EDT 1997

I know we're all geared for the big "season", so don't let this posting
distract you.  Just save it for later, when the dust has settled.  But
I would appreciate your input. - Rich

Well, after 2 glorious years in our new home,  I notice an electrical
substation of some sort coming together on the edge of a corn field
maybe 1/4 mile from the house - a fenced in 100'x100' area, with 3
galvanized channel irons, and some other things embedded in concrete,
as of today.

I'm very concerned about interference, needless to say.  Now there are
what I would call "medium" tension lines running through the area (1/4 mi
or so away), and I assume this station will somehow tie into them, yes?
Up to now I've not experienced anything out of the ordinary as far as rfi -
in fact,  I'm suprised how quiet it actually is for a subdivision.  But this
new addition has me concerned.  After only 2 years,  I'm already beginning
to regret the location as far as amateur radio contesting is concerned.  Don't
get me wrong - I'm the first one to say that we are all responsible for
what/where we are, and what we do.  I knew going in that it was not the
"ideal" radio location,  but it struck a nice balance.  Now I'm afraid my 
lifelong favorite hobby will be totally snuffed out by "progress".

I know the only way to know is to wait and see what happens when they "flick
the switch".  But I would like to hear from others who have been in this
Are my contesting days about to end?  I hope not.  I've enjoyed contesting
and qrp very much over the past couple years - I dare say that they have been
the most enjoyable years I've experienced since being licensed in 1981.

Give me your worst case stories... I can take it ( I think).  Or please
tell me
I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill.  KB4NPI (xyl) says I do that
a lot... I hope she's right.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been, or
will be in this type of situation.  EMI/TVI/RFI is a growing concern for
all of us, as society evolves and finds new and exciting things to do with
rf,  while feeding it's increasing appetite for electricity.  I think a
discussion would probably benefit a lot of us.  Contesting is my main
interest in the hobby (qrp runs a *close* second),  so I post this message
on cq-contest.  Forgive me if this seems a lil off topic for the list.

Thanks,  and have a great contest season... Rich

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH <ka8okh at som-uky.campus.mci.net>
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