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> I would take a rig out there in someone's mobile and listen for myself
> before making a decision.
> --Trey, N5KO

The only way to really know.  

I selected my home on a 160 foot hill that dropped to a river into that
Atlantic with few hundred feet. The performance of the antennas was

The property was surrounded by 35 acres that wa to be developed about 10
years after I moved in. Fortunately all the houses were prewired for
cable TV.

Building stopped just at the 14KV power lines about a 1/2 mile away. 

In 13 years facing those lines towards Europe I never heard any noise
from them and could see an S1 reading even on 160. The only noise
problem was from a bad insulator on a regular line across the street
that was fixed within 2 days and reinspected every year. The guy from
the power company has since also become a ham, N2RAS.

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