[CQ-Contest] Proximity to other contest stn

Kevin Drost kevindrost at prodigy.net
Mon Oct 13 00:42:57 EDT 1997

> there, through the woods,was a big wide swath of deforested land with
> a superhighway of high
> tension electricity on those massive 80 foot steel poles running right
> through it!

Thats baaaaaddddd news dude.  About ten years ago we had acontest stn
right next to steeltower highvoltage power lines.  It was terrible!
OK, sometimes in dry weather you couldn't notice the linenoise.
Although I later found out that sometimes depending on power demand,
the electric company will shut off the lines, so they are not always
100% in use.  Generally, the lines emit at least a small S3 -to- S5
linenoise.  I know to most ops that sounds unacceptable, but after a
few months you get used to it.  However with any kinda moisture in the
air, such as light misty rain, the linenoise can easily shoot up to
ten or twenty db over S9.  One weekend it got soooo bad that we QRT'd
a major six station multi-multi effort on Saturday night.  Often
linenoise is worst in the early morning, with dew in the air .... then
it clears up after sunrise.  You're 3-500 feet away .... thats still
too close.  Be prepared for almost constant linenoise fromthat
direction ...

... Kevin

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