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David Robbins k1ttt at berkshire.net
Mon Oct 13 16:27:40 EDT 1997

I have updated my popular (well with some people anyway) Telnetx
program   The new versionis called WinTelnetx.  In addition to 
providing a windows interface for setting up connections and routes 
it lets you reconfigure and reconnect devices without shutting down 
and editing a configuration file.  It lets you direct your console 
input to individual ports or to all of them at once.

This latest version also accepts telnet connections from outside.  This
should allow reliable connections between CT networks across the 

Some possible applications of this program are:
1. Simple Telnet terminal to an Internet PacketCluster
2. Connect to multiple Internet PacketClusters and/or TNC's at once.
3. Route one or more PacketClusters to CT either as a serial link
or to the CT Ethernet.
4. Provide PacketCluster backbone backup connection via Internet.
5. Link CT Networks across the Internet.
6. Do all the above at once.

See http://www.berkshire.net/~robbins/software.html#wintelnetx
for more info.

Also available is an update to the CT Nettsr that lets you use
ethernet instead of serial ports for networking ct.  The latest
version gives much greater control and should allow limited (and
probably un-reliable) connection via the internet.  You can 
actually set up multiple CT networks on one cable if you wish.

See http://www.berkshire.net/~robbins/software.html#nettsr
for more info.
David Robbins K1TTT (ex KY1H)
k1ttt at berkshire.net   or   robbins at berkshire.net

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