[CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB

James B. Neiger jneiger at xti.com
Tue Oct 14 13:31:27 EDT 1997

                  ATTENTION HUNTERS

NEIGER'S TIGERS will soon be prowling the jungle (i.e., CQ WW SSB DX 
CONTEST) in search of QSO's and multipliers.  In case you desire to "bag"
a few of the TIGERS, please listen for the following "Tiger Team" members 
in action:

     TEAM NO. 1                       TEAM NO. 2

     W7WHY                            GW4BLE
     N6BV/1                           HC5C  (by W5AJ)
,    K6NA                             YB1AQS
     N7NG                             5X1Z  (by  SM7PKK)
     W6XR/2                           UT4UZ

     TEAM NO. 3                       TEAM NO. 4

     W6NV  (20 meters)                EA8BH   (by OH2BH)
     CT1ELP (15 meters)               P40E    (by CT1BOH)
     W6TKF                            P40W    (by W2GD)
                                      VE3EJ   (by N5TJ)
                                      ZD8Z    (by N6TJ)

To see if any of these guys are still alive prior to the start of the 
contest, you may find them on 21250 daily from 1900Z, beginning 
approximately 20 October.

                   Vy 73

                      Jim Neiger   N6TJ/ZD8Z

                      jneiger at xti.com

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