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Igor S.Sokolov igor at sokol.pssr.e-burg.su
Tue Oct 14 12:37:01 EDT 1997

>After reviewing old posts to this reflector, it  would appear that the
>Kenwood  830 and the 850 radios are/were well liked radios by the
>contesting fraternity. Maybe not the best radios out there, but certainly
>a lot of "bang for the buck."
>The prices for new and used Kenwood 870s seem to be getting lower and
>lower. Years from now, will the 870 be as well liked (keep the bang for
>the buck in mind) as the 830s and 850s?
>I understand that when the 870 was first released it had it share of
>bugs, but wasn't the same true for the 850? So for discussion, consider
>the higher serial number 870s.
>Mark WT3K

Hi Mark,
We have tested couple of ts870 here. Dinamic range is
around 87-90 db which is worse then much cheaper ts-570
Major problem is filter wich is 6kc wide on ssb and 3 kc wide on cw.
They thought that DSP would do it all but turned out to be true only for
everyday operation, not for contesting. To cut it short, - very good dsp
section (although I would prefer more manual control over IF notch filter),
neat computer interface but this radio is not for contesting and in fact
dinamic range could have been somewhgat better. I think you would be
better off with TS-850 or TS-570 if you are into Kenwood. Otherwise
look around for FT1000MP (I think that is the best one now) or IC-775 DSP
(very good radio too)
Best regards

Igor, UA9CDC.

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