[CQ-Contest] IC-751A CW Question

Harper, David DavidHarper at tx.slr.com
Tue Oct 14 16:25:58 EDT 1997

For last year's CQWW-CW (VP5EA operation from Jody's Hamlet) I had the
choice of using an IC-737 or IC-751A.  I picked the IC-737 since it was
much newer and I thought it might perform better.  But the CW sidetone
(and offset) was very high and not adjustable.  My preference is for a
sidetone/offset of about 400 hz.  I ended up using a combination of RIT
and IF-Shift to bring the offset lower, but this was not very
satisfactory, plus you can't "zero" the RIT this way.  
I am going back for this year's CW contest, and may try the IC-751A this
time.  Does anyone out there have one of these (or used one) and can
tell me what sort of offset it has, and is it adjustable at all?  Also,
can the RIT be "cleared" from the front panel, or does it have a
center-detent?  Any other comments on CW performance of the IC-751A?
Dave WD5N   /   VP5EA      <davidharper at tx.slr.com>

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