[CQ-Contest] QSL practices.

Brlecic, Zoran zbrlecic at torhosp.toronto.on.ca
Wed Oct 15 12:41:00 EDT 1997

>With the advent of computer logging, I find that I can now prowl the
>contest and when I come across one of these delinquent stations I just
>keep on going (no sense working him, I am going to get nothing out of
>it).  When one of them answer my CQ I say to them....  ooops.. I see I
>worked you back in 1986 and never received your QSL card ... so I see no
>reason to work you now...  QRZ? ....

I hope some of these guys finally get the message: not qsling does not   
pay off. I've been using a similar tactics in my casual contesting, and I   
am sure I am not the only one. Yankee Clipper guys and the ON4UN contest   
team (to name just a few) will get my qso points every time because they   
bother to respond to cards. On the other hand, due to poor qsling   
practices, I even refuse to work certain countries anymore. Only when   
their point totals start dropping will these people get the message. It   
is time everybody took a stand: refuse to work qso-machines that don't   

73 ..... Zoran VA3GW   

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