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Spike Lazar slazar19 at sgi.net
Wed Oct 15 11:08:24 EDT 1997


For a number of years while operating at the "Green Hornets" place we
were plagued by line noise. GH had called the local power company
many times without any results.

I sent the power company a letter similar to this:

Dear Sirs,

Over a period of time we have made numerous complaints about the
poor condition of your lines/equipment and the noise they generate
causing interference with our communications equipment.

This letter is to inform you if matter is not addressed within 10 days,
a formal written complaint will be filed with the public utilities
commission of this state.

Sincerely yours,
dr. Bafoofnik

p.s. Shortly afterwards the power company spent about $30,000 for
replacement of hardware and labor to solve the noise problems.

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