Fwd: [CQ-Contest] Proximity to other contest stn (power lines)

Ralph Bowen rbowen at iglobal.net
Thu Oct 16 03:27:24 EDT 1997

Spike Lazar wrote:
> Contesters,
> For a number of years while operating at the "Green Hornets" place we
> were plagued by line noise. GH had called the local power company
> many times without any results.
> I sent the power company a letter similar to this:
> Dear Sirs,
> Over a period of time we have made numerous complaints about the
> poor condition of your lines/equipment and the noise they generate
> causing interference with our communications equipment.
> This letter is to inform you if matter is not addressed within 10 days,
> a formal written complaint will be filed with the public utilities
> commission of this state.
> Sincerely yours,
> dr. Bafoofnik
> p.s. Shortly afterwards the power company spent about $30,000 for
> replacement of hardware and labor to solve the noise problems.


Maybe the PUC of Penn. should move to TX.  When I called the PUC in
Texas to get some relief, they said "not my yob - call the FCC".  The
FCC then said "not my yob - call your PUC!".   And so it goes.

The power companies are getting away with an incredible waste of power,
simply because it's cheaper to gen more power than fix and maintain the
hardware.  Read:  pass the costs to the consumers.   And with
deregulation imminent (in Texas anyway) and local competetion for
service providers you can forget service!!

73,  Gator  N5RZ   rbowen at iglobal.net

looking for a qth miles from power lines!!

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