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Wed Oct 15 11:29:48 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-10-15 05:19:53 EDT, jack.sippel at nellcorpb.com writes:

<< I just completed the log sheet for my first ever contest - the FISTS 
 Fall Sprint.  After my nerves quieted down I really had a blast.  My 
 question is this:  What is expected for sending out QSL cards after a 

Hello, Jack --

      Congratulations on your first contest! Now you know how exciting they
can be. Hope you jump in some more.

>> I asked another op for a QSL card because I needed a verification from 
 his state for my W.A.S. award.  I also had one station ask me for one 
 during the QSO and I will certainly reply.  Am I expected to send QSL 
 cards to everyone I contact?  Do I still need to send in log sheets even 
 if I'm sure I'm not going to score high enough to place (it seems like I 
 would be adding work to an already overworked volunteer).

      As far as QSL's - I guess you let your conscience be your guide. While
the last courtesy of a QSO is a QSL, you can imagine that an active contester
might make 5-10K contacts a year turning QSLing into a real chore. Some guys
are very contientious about QSLing, others have thousands of cards in their
backlog that may never be answered.  

     A submitted log is always appreciated by the contest organizer. Even if
you don't claim a score (a check log), it can be used to verify contacts by
other stations. I WOULD encourage you to send in a log because you just might
wind up with an award! 

    Operating in the myriad of contests around is the best way to increase
your contesting skills so I would encourage you to participate as much as you
can. Also see if you can hook up with a local contester and try to operate
together. It'll be fun and you'll probably learn some more.

73 and GL,  Steve  K7LXC

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