[CQ-Contest] QSL practices.

Egbert Hertsen egbert.hertsen at pandora.be
Wed Oct 15 20:15:52 EDT 1997

VA3GW wrote:
> I hope some of these guys finally get the message: not qsling does not
> pay off. I've been using a similar tactics in my casual contesting, and I
> am sure I am not the only one. Yankee Clipper guys and the ON4UN contest
> team (to name just a few) will get my qso points every time because they
> bother to respond to cards. On the other hand, due to poor qsling
> practices, I even refuse to work certain countries anymore. Only when
> their point totals start dropping will these people get the message. It
> is time everybody took a stand: refuse to work qso-machines that don't
> qsl.
> 73 ..... Zoran VA3GW

Zoran took the words right out of my mouth... I 100% agree with VA3GW's
comments. After a SWL career of 1 1/5 decade, I got my belgian ticket
just before the CW leg of the '95 CQWW test and I immediately joined the
fun and QSLed everybody. Today, I'm still waiting for many cards to
arrive via the bureau.
Anyone who's fortunate enough to spend many bucks on a top of art
contest station has, as to my opinion, NO VALID REASON at all to neglect
his QSL tasks! The cost of QSLing will be only a fraction of the cost of
the equipment and as today's technology easily allows to print QSL
labels for every QSO made, QSLing won't take more time than erecting yet
another monoband beam or install some extra beverages. Really, I can't
see a single excuse for not QSLing! It's clear to me: these guys suffer
from lack of hamspirit and respect for their fellow hams, especially the
little pistols.
As far as I'm concerned, I will give the "non-QSL'ers heavy contest
types" yet another chance during this year's CQWW tests, but if I won't
get my '95 contest QSLs confirmed by next year, they will have to do
without my points. "Big deal", you say... well if everone who feels the
same as I do would act this way, I'm sure the "bad" guys will see a fair
decrease in their score and as that's all they care about...
By the way, MNI TNX to all of you who have been confirming my SWL
reports (used to be ONL4003) for so many years!

Enjoy QSLing...AND contesting! 73



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