[CQ-Contest] Asia-Pacific CW Sprint announcement

VR97BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Fri Oct 17 07:35:51 EDT 1997

The Asia-Pacific Sprint Contest Committee would like to announce the latest
running of this spectacular radiosporting event this Saturday afternoon
GMT. Please note changes in the rules below. For previous events' results &
records to aim for, see
  For stations outside the Asia-Pacific region to work as many Asia-Pacific 
  stations as possible within the 2 hour time limit.

  For stations inside the Asia-Pacific region to work as many stations as 
  possible, anywhere in the world, within the 2 hour time limit.
  (A complete list of the Asia-Pacific countries is defined below)
  The top 3 winners from the Asia-Pacific region will each receive an 
  official Asia-Pacific Sprint plaque, sponsored by CQ Ham Radio (Japan).
  Winners must have at least 50 QSO's in the log to be eligible for this

  The winners of each continent outside the Asia-Pacific region will receive 
  an official Asia-Pacific Sprint plaque, sponsored by CQ Ham Radio (Japan). 
  Winners must have at least 30 QSO's in the log to be eligible for this 

  The winners from each DXCC country & CQ zone will receieve an official 
  Asia-Pacific Sprint T-Shirt sponsored by CQ Contest Magazine (USA).  Only 
  one T-shirt will be given if a station wins more than one category.  
  Winners must have at least 5 QSO's in the log to be eligible for this 

Date: (CW)  - 3rd Saturday of October	: 18 October 1997

  Mark your calendar now - future Asia-Pacific Sprints will be held:
  Spring (CW)  - 2nd Saturday of February	: 14 February 1998
  Summer (SSB) - 2nd Saturday of June	: 13 June 1998
  Fall   (CW)  - 3rd Saturday of October	: 17 October 1998

Time: 1230-1430 UTC
Bands: 20m & 40m only
Suggested frequencies: 
  CW  - 14030-14050 & 7015-7040 kHz
  SSB - 14250-14280 & 7060-7080 kHz
Mode: Spring & Fall - CW only
      Summer        - SSB only
Power limit: 150W output
Entry categories: Single operator, Single radio only
Contest exchange: RS/RST + Serial number beginning with 001

Duplicate contacts: Same station may be worked only once on the per band
Multipliers: Prefixes per WPX rules (once only - not once per band)
QSY rule: 
  CW  - called station (usually CQer) QSYs at least 1 kHz after a QSO
  SSB - called station (usually CQer) QSYs at least 6 kHz after a QSO
Final Score: Number of QSOs x Multipliers
Asia-Pacific countries for this contest:
  (coutries from Asia side PacificRim to 180 degrees longitude):
  3D2(all), 1S/9M0, 9M2, 9M6/8, 9V, BV, BV9, BY, BS, C2, DU, FK8, FW, H4, 
  HL, HS, JA, JD1/Ogasawara, JD1/Marcus, T8/KC6(Belau), KH2, KH9, KH0, P29, 
  T2, T30, T33, UA0(not UA9) , V6, V7, V85, VK1-9(all except VK9X & VK9Y), 
  VR(Hong Kong), XU, XV/3W, XX9, YB, YJ, ZL(all except Chatham & Kermadec)

Results will be posted to: 
  CQ-CONTEST at contesting.com
  AP-SPRINT at dumpty.nal.go.jp
  CQ Ham Radio
  CQ Contest Magazine
Rules and results will be distributed by an automated info-server.
Send a request e-mail to:

info-contest at dumpty.nal.go.jp

with the command in the body: (must start with # except help)

#get ap-sprint.rule
#get index

All entries must contain complete QSO information plus a summary sheet
indicating your claimed score, CQ zone & T-shirt size.  Entries without a
summary sheet may be treated as a checklog. Electronic logs are gladly
accepted by e-mail!  The log & summary sheet must be in ASCII format (no
binary files, please). Sample entry format is shown below.
Post your entry to:
JAs - Tack Kumagai        non-JAs - James Brooks
      POB 22, Mitaka      26 Jalan Asas
      Tokyo 181,JAPAN     SINGAPORE 678787

Email: jamesb at pacific.net.sg      <- new E-mail address.
Entry deadline:
  E-mail - 72 hours after end of contest
  Post - Postmarked no later than 7 days after contest
Sample Summary Sheet
CALLSIGN USED:                        COUNTRY:
OPERATOR     :                        CQ ZONE:

Signature:                                      Date:
NAME                    CALL
City   :
Postal Code:
Sample Log
Any ASCII file output from CT/TRLOG/NA/ZLOG etc logging software
will be accepted.
                                   SENT     RCVD    MULT
20   09/30/95  1310    JE1CKA      599001   599017  JE1   1
40   09/30/95  1312    9V1YC       599002   59916   9V1   1
40   09/30/95  1316    VR2BG       599003   59922   VR2   1
20   09/30/95  1317    JE1JKL      599004   599031        1
20   09/30/95  1317    K4ZW        599005   599005  K4    1

CQ-Contest on WWW:        http://www.contesting.com/_cq-contest/
Administrative requests:  cq-contest-REQUEST at contesting.com

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