[CQ-Contest] Don Millers Return!

Spike Lazar slazar19 at sgi.net
Fri Oct 17 17:27:04 EDT 1997

Dear Fellow Contesters,

I was going to announce the good news that Don Miller was returning
to ham radio and contesting by doing a multi-op sweepstakes with W3GH 
and myself.

As many of you know Don is in very poor health. About two years ago Don
was complaining to the prison Doctor about bad pains in his left leg.
After all the medical tests were completed it was determined that the leg
would have to be amputated. Don took the news like the man he really is,
he just smiled an accepted his fate. He asked the Doctor if the amputated
leg could be mailed to dr. Bafoofnik and so it was. 

About six months later he started to have similar pains in his right leg.
For the sake of bandwidth, the results were the same, and the right leg
was also mailed to me.

If the poor man didn't have enough problems, another six months later he 
started to have pains in his left arm. That left arm plus his right and 
left leg are now in my freezer (you know, the freezer I bought at the
Jeffrey Dahmer auction).

You are probably asking when is this all going to end. Well it finally 
ended when he started to have pains right arm and the prison Doctor
refused to amputate. 

I regret to announce Don Miller's prison escape was foiled, so he will 
not be doing a multi-op sweepstakes with us this year.

Sincerely yours,
dr. Bafoofnik

p.s. I'm proud to announce the first "adult" contesting site at

Please Only Liberal Thinking Adults! 
You know what to expect from dr. Bafoof, so you are forewarned!


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